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An Inspirational Message and Blessings for the Choose the Heart Fellowship 

And so it is. This, the beginning of that which has already begun, is a united venture that calls to the heart of each of you. And what are you called to do? Who are you called to be? Where will the calling take you? All that you can imagine is but a fraction of what is. You, as I am, are here to represent the heavens, to give voice to truth so that all who hear with pure hearts can find comfort in the knowing that there is a path, that there is a guide, and that they are not alone. Be strong in your knowing, trust yourself, and go forward without caution, for you are on the right path, you have a guide, and you will never be alone.

I would bless this particular journey for I too am called to come, to be spirit on Earth that I may help to take you beyond what you have ever dreamed possible. May that which you give to one be felt by all, and may the one you give to first be yourself, so that all might feel you and know you as I do.



Balance is not simply an action or a concept; it is a primary human need. Without it the connection to self becomes as thin as a thread and it does not take much to break that thread. Without the connection to self you are limited and in a basic specie survival mode of reaction.

The connection to self is necessary in order to process and understand what is occurring inside of you. All day, in every waking moment and during sleep you are having emotional and physical feelings that are messages trying to communicate to you what you need, what you need to do, where to go, what to do, what not to do, and many other things that you are either understanding, listening to, and following, or ignoring, suppressing, and dismissing because you do not take the time to be with what you are feeling.

Taking time to be with the self is a critical part of the balance needed in order to live and thrive in well being. Otherwise, you are deprived of the very self that can comfort you, help you, and grow you into the being you are meant to be. Do not underestimate who you are by dismissing the need to be with yourself. If you are not spending quiet time in reflection of what you are feeling, and what is happening to you in your life and learning from it then you are missing the very reason you are here.


Forgiveness comes from a longing to be free of the discomfort of feelings that keep you from being whole. The feelings of anger, betrayal, hate, disappointment, hurt, shame, guilt, sorrow, whatever they be, they lie inside of you keeping you trapped within the world that created them. The only way to free your self of them is to leave that world for the world of rightness by seeking to understand what is real.

What is real is that they are not feelings that come from love. Any degree to which you are away from love is the degree to which you are not whole. Forgiveness is actually the act of going towards love, towards wholeness. I want to make one point very clear: forgiveness is for the self. The good news is it’s not contingent on another. Whether you have done something you long to make right or a non rightness has been inflicted upon you, forgiveness does not require another in order for you to be free from the feelings of discomfort that non-forgiveness creates. Your freedom lies within you.

You are a Divine being and you deserve to know what is not real about any act that has created the need for forgiveness. If you have done wrong, make it right inside of yourself. Seek to understand who you became and know you are not that. Recognize that any part of you that was not loving is not the part of you that is loving. Know that the loving one is what is real about who you are, and become that one to the greatest degree you can. That is how you make right non-rightness and forgive yourself for who you became. That is how you assure you do not become that one again. 

And if the feelings of discomfort inside of you come from something someone has done to you, know that you are love and no one can touch that which is eternal and real. You do not have to forgive them for what they have done, that is their job. But you must give yourself back to yourself. You must know the feelings you have inside do not serve you, do not bring you comfort, do not give you more of yourself. Seek to find a purpose in your feelings by changing them. No one can do that for you. No one can give you back to yourself, just as no one can take you from yourself. So if you are far from yourself because of something someone else has said or done to you, find your way back. It is not about them, it is about you. It is about you finding or returning to yourself. You are Spirit in human form. From your humanness, embrace your spirit and know that you are greatness. Your greatness needs nothing to be whole. When you are wholly in your greatness you are in a state of grace and love, and from there forgiveness is not necessary, it is a natural outcome. 


Relationships are an interesting phenomenon. They seem to be what most all humans want, and yet their ability to be in them, sustain them, nurture them, and grow within them proves to be difficult. When they enter into relationships they create pictures of what they want them to be, and have a hard time seeing and staying in what is real. The foundations of the relationships begin to be built on false ideals. Then aspects of the human personality that have been created as defense mechanisms begin to appear. Feelings are not studied, they are projected. The past is infused into the present, and there is no ability to be in the moment fresh and free from what every other relationship has meant. Needs are thought to be met outside of the self, and needs of others become demands, compromises, and a basis for identity.

But the greatest downfall of really every human relationship is the lack of relationship to self. How do you relate to yourself? Do you take the time to study your thoughts and their origin? Do you ask yourself what is really real about what you are thinking and feeling? Do you spend time going towards your discomfort to see how YOU are creating it, and in that time spent see how you can create differently so that you are in comfort? Do you practice letting go of outcomes and allow for the moment to expose itself?

What would your relationships be like if you took the time to develop your relationship to yourself and stopped expecting to find your happiness, completion, and self in another? I’ll tell you, some would cease to exist, and that would be good. Others would heal, and that would be good. And still others would deepen and expand, and that would be good. What would your life be like if you were your most sought out relationship? Love yourself and you will naturally love others. Give to yourself and you will naturally give to others. Care for yourself and you will inherently care for others. See what is real about yourself and you will see what is real about others. Then know you are spirit, they are spirit, and your relationship to them is only as valuable as your relationship to yourself.


Acceptance sounds as though it is a compromise when in actuality it is a release. To reach a place of acceptance you must first understand that all things can be made right within you. Your peace, your comfort, your own understanding of what is, is not contingent on anything outside of you, as it should be. How can your existence be personal if the control of your feelings and understandings are not coming from you? And so, with complete control over finding your own understanding of why something is the way it is you are free to release judgment and explore until you find a meaning or a purpose that brings you comfort. To find true meaning you must leave the limited scope of humanness and go to a bigger picture, the one that includes you as Spirit in a human experience. Spirit in a human experience seeks to understand everything from the perspective of evolution. From that perspective the question to ask is “how is this FOR me and for MY growth?” When you can answer these questions you will have the understanding you need to release yourself from your hold on how you think something should be, or what you would like it to be. You will accept it for what it is, with the knowing that it is right, and be free to let it go and let it be.

Two Systems

The basis of this foundation is built on the teachings of two unique, individual systems, the Heart and the Mind. The Heart and the Mind are mirror opposites in every way except one. Although the Heart can infiltrate the Mind system and effectuate change, the Mind can never enter the system of the Heart. The Mind’s only goal is to survive at all costs. The Heart‘s goal is to prevail through the understanding of what is real. The Mind’s foundation is in constant fluctuation because, through contrast or comparison, its reference of self is in direct relationship to all that is outside itself. This renders the foundation weak, at best. The Heart’s reference to self is in direct relationship to its source, securing a foundation that is eternally immovable. Each individual has complete access to both systems and each system creates within itself. Each system is accessed by choice and the choice is made in the realm of understanding. The understanding of what is real comes by the choice to seek to know the self at source.


Hello, again. As always, I am here to bring comfort to the Heart. Comfort comes when at last the Mind rests, retreats, and the Heart is open to feel and hear the calling of the spirit. It is the voice of truth and it will not support the illusions of the Mind. This is good, for if the illusions of the Mind were supported by the Heart, how would you know truth? Discomfort is illusion, for it is a lack of understanding. Time spent in any moment of discomfort brings light unto the illusion. Once illuminated, truth can be found, heard, seen, felt, and understood. The degree to which you understand is the degree to which you have sustained comfort. Thinking brings shallow understanding and brief comfort, but thinking is where it all begins. Do not stop there, for feeling is what brings deep understanding and sustained comfort. This is how you go from shallow to deep, by staying with it when you think you know it. Stay with it until you feel a deeper knowing. It will reveal itself, and when it does, you will know you are there. If you are left with any question such as “Am I there, is this it, is there more?”, then know you are not there, that there is more, and keep going. And all this is only to bring you comfort. What would you rather be doing with your time?

Integration of the Two Worlds

You are here to learn how to be God on Earth. If you are fully engulfed in the reality of Earth, you cannot learn this. If you are fully engulfed in the reality of Heaven, you cannot learn this. One takes what is not real and ignores what is real; the other takes all that is real and bypasses what is not real. The integration occurs when you take all that is not real, see it for what it is, and infuse all that is real into it. For example, if you were born into the Earth reality of victimization and deprivation and become consumed by that reality without acknowledging another reality, you will be a victim of all variables and deprived of the knowing that you are God. Regardless of what happens in the Earth reality, you can have peace, comfort, and understanding because it is your birthright. If you acknowledge ONLY the God force reality and bypass all that occurs on Earth, your knowing will only exist outside the Earth reality not within it, which is not the reason why you came. So the one who is born into the Earth reality of victimization and deprivation goes into that reality to know what is not real about it and why. That knowing allows you to transcend what appears real here and live within this reality with the sight of truth. It is that very truth that allows you to live in comfort.

To one who is born a cripple, you cannot say, “This is your lot, now you must live with it until one day you will die and this shall pass.” How does that give them comfort in the moment, in the reality that is here? You say, “You are God and God deserves to be in comfort. What would bring you comfort in this moment? What do you know about who you are? How can you find peace and understanding about your life here through the knowing of who you are?” And the cripple who comes to understand that they are God, who seeks joy and rests in the comfort of their own Heart, is freer than the one who is healthy and lives in the misery of a life created and lived in deprivation and victimization.


True intimacy comes through feeling, though not physical feeling. It is when the expression of self speaks to another in such a way that it reveals the inner world with great vulnerability and presence and without filters. Intimacy does not hide, or conceal.  It does not have thoughts of presentation and if there is a desired outcome it is to feel the pure space of acceptance and non judgment. Intimacy with others comes from the uncensored exposure of the real self via the Heart. It is allowing another to share in the experience of who You are and what You know creating unification. Intimacy with the self comes from having a personal relationship with one’s own spirit. Spirit’s expression of self on Earth is the most intimate experience that exists.


Choice is one of the greatest gifts you have and exists in every moment. It is the gift of creation, power, and freedom. Choice is the same as free will. You are free to choose what you think and how you feel. The creation of your life is a result of what you do with each and every one of your thoughts and feelings. The Heart takes full responsibility for its decisions. They are made from a place of love and care for the self, for only in loving and caring for the self can you love and care for others. Decisions of the Heart refuse to acquiesce to the Mind, thereby relinquishing it from control. The Mind is often hurt, angry, and self righteous about decisions made in the Heart. The Mind does not want to know it has a choice for how it feels and what it thinks, because to know that means it is responsible for its actions. The Mind's equation is based on others being responsible for its feelings, and so naturally what occurs as a result of those feelings it is not responsible for either. This very lack of responsibility is what relinquishes it from accountability. Either way, to take responsibility for the self or not is still a choice. And that choice creates. And so the question is, are your choices creating a life that brings you comfort, peace, and joy, and if not, what are you choosing instead?

Connection to Self

When we speak of connection or relationship to the “real self,” what is meant? Often beings have a nebulous idea of the real self as something outside of themselves that is a part of them and yet intangible. They can imagine spirit or a self that has come from God but they do not imagine that that spirit is alive and well and residing within their human state of beingness. This is because they have difficulty surpassing the tangible reality of the human personality. They have a relationship to their fears insecurities and inadequacies; they are with them in thought and feeling. They perceive the spirit as perfection and live in the consistent imperfection of their humanness. How could they ever perceive of themselves as perfection when they are constantly faced with their own imperfections? It is a reasonable discourse that has only one answer; their human personality is not who they really are. If one can begin to imagine this as true and ask the question “then who am I?” one can begin a relationship with the real self, a relationship based in love comfort and truth.

The real self, a self that lives in absolute perfection and limitless love and creation can be felt as imaginary until deeper understanding is achieved. What is necessary is that one begins to imagine the existence of another self and the existence of that self becomes personal. Imagine a self that has the knowing of what is right and real in all situations. One that is pure of heart, without fear or anxiety, without worry or comparison. This one does not move in the face of variables regardless of the perceived magnitude of the variable. This one loves and cares for its self at all times. Imagine that this one is You. To be with the self as this one means to spend time with this one in thought and feeling whether real or imagined. This is how the relationship is created; this is connection to the real self.

Letting Go

Letting go can be a difficult endeavor. It entails change. It means you can no longer hold on to that which you held onto. Often times it involves letting go of one you have loved, a relationship you have cherished, an investment of time, intimacy and shared experiences. Even when the relationship has been difficult, sometimes abusive, it can still be hard to let go because that which you held onto was the Hope that things would change or get better. What’s interesting is that often letting go IS the change that makes things better, and so you must trust the rightness of the act and allow for the outcome to be that which it becomes. More often than not the one you are letting go of cannot feel the rightness of the act, but this does not make it wrong.

I speak to your heart when I say Love never lets go of Love, it is not possible, but in order to preserve its purity love must let go of that which is not loving. You can let go of someone and still love them all the while. Actually, letting go can be the greatest act of love. When a being willfully chooses to live in, believe in, and invest their time and energy in the mind’s world, then they do not love themselves. And so you must let go, move aside, and allow them to create so they can experience and feel the manifestations of their choices without the crutch of love holding them up. Sooner or later they will fall or learn to stand on their own. If they learn to love themselves enough to live in the rightness of the heart, then there love will be, not holding them up but standing equally beside them. If they do not learn to love themselves enough to stand on their own they will find themselves living a shallow existence, and so you will have let go of nothing real. Either way, letting go with grace, in love, is a gift you give yourself and the one you let go of.