We at Choose the Heart, feel that evolution comes from education, understanding, and choice. We realize that modern civilization has not produced schools that teach people the truth about the world they exist in, including the source and original intention behind Earth, why humans are here, who they really are, and why this reality is so difficult to understand and effectively navigate your way through.  

Choose the Heart’s Life School is dedicated to bringing this knowledge to those who seek it, so that they may live their life in greater comfort, peace, and understanding. Our educational approach combines instruction with practical application. We are not officially accredited by any human educational agency, but rather by an ethereal board of Ascended Masters whose criteria for excellence we met long ago.

We are pleased to bring to our community of fellow seekers a variety of educational options from which to choose. Life School offers spiritual teachings in the form of classes and workshops. The classes and workshops are designed for simplicity and practical application so that Universal wisdom can be integrated into everyday life.

We ask that you preregister for all services offered through Life School. Please visit our web site at and access CTH Central for more information regarding registration, payment, and policies.

On Earth, the path to evolution is only through, not around, the human experience. Therefore, we must take our understandings into that experience, for this is the only way we can become our knowing. This is why Choose the Heart offers classes that focus on heaven and earth, spirit and human, and divine truth and practicality. We believe that when you bring spirituality into human reality you will find your way Home.