We are most pleased to be able to offer to our community a rare opportunity to work with Ascended Master Andua and a profoundly gifted healer Adrianna Kalember. Ascended Master Andua resides in the pristine realm of the One, our original source, and what we call 'Home'. His scope of experience is drawn from his eternal existence in love, creation, and limitless expansion.

Adrianna’s scope of experience is drawn from a life of spiritual exploration, internal examination, the study of energy in the human body and hands on healing, and the development, integration, and implementation of her multifaceted psychic abilities (channel, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance).

Ascended Master Andua and Adrianna are a powerful union of Heaven and Earth, offering guidance and healing to a world that longs for more. Together they can bring everlasting comfort, understanding, and peace to your spirit and it’s human, and your physical and energetic body.

On-Site and Virtual Services are available for readings and on-going guidance with Ascended Master Andua. Please go to the CTH Central page for more information regarding Virtual Services, to view calendar availability and set an appointment, and payment options.

For more information please visit Adrianna's sister site, Choose To Heal, at www.choosetohealnow.com.