Gay Kalember 

Gay Kalember, Choose The HeartGay entered this lifetime with a profound awareness of truth and love. Inherent to this level of evolution was her longing and ability to help others, which began to manifest as a young child in the form of familial and peer guidance.  From adolescence onward, she searched for a spiritual teacher, one who could not only confirm the sacred knowings that lay within her heart, but who could also take her beyond them. She searched to no avail, even as she continued to expand her consciousness through the study of spiritual literature, and self examination.

Then, in 2003, at the age of 51, Gay was granted her greatest wish. During a late-night channeling session with her beloved friend Adrianna, her teacher, whose name is Baharah, unexpectedly revealed himself. As an ascended Master resonating in the pristine realm of the One, he promised to guide and teach Gay for the rest of her life. Through a natural unfoldment, Baharah introduced her to a new form through which truth can be felt and understood. After three years, Gay’s concentrated exploration, integration, and application of Baharah’s teachings manifested in full remembrance of her divine self within the human experience. Her transformation took her from all that was not real, into all that was real, which is the chosen reality of love.

Since early adulthood, Gay has been aware of her spirit’s longing to find a way to relieve the pain and suffering of many people in an everlasting way. In keeping with this longing, in 1987 she became a Marriage Family Therapist and a Play Therapist specializing in childhood disorders. She devoted herself to this work for 21 years. Her study with Baharah led her to realize that her longing would be better met by sharing her knowledge with others through teaching, oration, and the written word. To that end, she finished writing her first book in 2006, entitled The Invitation. Her memoir chronicles her relationship with Baharah, the unfoldment of his teachings, the experiences and transformations she subsequently underwent, and the far-reaching effects of the truths upon her life. The Invitation is now sold on Amazon Kindle.

Gay is currently working on two book. Birthright presents profound information regarding the intention behind the creation of Earth, who we really are, our purpose, and the Mind and Heart form. A major portion of the book focuses on the understanding and utilization of navigational tools for living life in comfort, based on spiritual laws and truths. The Human Stain ~ Parenting the Spirit Not the Specie presents an unprecedented approach to parenting sourced from deep spiritual truths and the concept of sourcing life from the inside out. It is extremely pragmatic, simple, and yet profound. Its philosophy is based on the understanding that children are spirits who have humans, not humans who have spirits.

Gay is the founder, program director, and president of Choose the Heart. She is the mother of two extraordinary beings whose purpose aligns with her own. She enjoys international travel with her family, and quiet time at home with her cats Freya and Mia. Gay lives in Sebastopol California with her divine partner, family, friends, and pets. Her relationships and creations are a reflection of her remarkable life, which is the embodiment of freedom and joy. She is a living example of what is possible when you create from the limitless world of the Heart, wherein true love reigns.

Adrianna Kalember

Adrianna Kalember, Choose The Heart SebastopolAdrianna Kalember is a pure channel for Divine information. She is clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient. The greater part of her life has been dedicated to pursuing her understanding of these gifts and fulfilling her purpose by utilizing them. Over the past fifteen years she has received two miraculous healings, one of which occurred in Lourdes, France. At that time she was given the gift of “sight” though her hands. This sight, combined with her ability to hear spirit, opened a unique door through which to assist in the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for those who seek help.

An even greater enhancement of her purpose occurred in 2003 when she began channeling Ascended Masters Baharah and Andua who reside within the pristine realm of The One. The information received from them is the foundation for Choose the Heart. Adrianna is an avid student and teacher of the body of work encompassing Choose the Heart. The phenomenon of allowing Spirit to inhabit her body temporarily in order to deliver divine information has become an ordinary occurrence in Adrianna’s life, one that is truly extraordinary each and every time.

Adrianna is the channel, spiritual teacher, Reiki master, and director for Higher Realms. She is also an instructor for the Higher Realms classes offer through CTH's Life School. She lives a quiet and busy life in Sebastopol, California. She is a gifted manifestor, creating abundance where others see limitations and impossibilities. For fun she enjoys cooking, painting, sculpting, and writing. For comfort, depth, and nurturance, she spends time with her treasured family. And for the rest of her life she will study the intrinsic relationship between spirit and human.

Sean Kalember

Sean Kalember Choose The Heart SebastopolSean S. Kalember is acting CFO for Choose The Heart, with responsibilities pertaining to the financial operations and creativity of the organization.  For 9 years he was a top producing sales consultant in the home insurance industry, and now owns and mangages a men's boutique in downtown Santa Rosa called Kaliber.

He is a dedicated student of CTH. His choice and ability to apply his spiritual knowledge to his personal and professional life has resulted in great manifestation and fruition. He resides in his beloved hometown, Sebastopol CA, with his wife Melissa and his daughters Olivia and Charlee. He enjoys golfing and tutoring others in the world of finance. Everyday continues to be an opportunity for Sean to choose his heart.