Hello and welcome. I am delighted that you have come to see who we are and what we are creating at Choose the Heart. We realize that there are very few secular forms through which to seek understanding of life's meaning, challenges, and conundrums. Outside of religion and spirituality, commonly sought sources of knowledge are friends, family, self help literature, media, and psychotherapy. While they can bring some measure of comfort, they do not have the capacity to simplify the great complexities and mysteries of Earth and the human experience, or offer navigational tools that create peace, freedom, and healing for the individual and the collective.

We are excited to bring to the global community a refreshing and unique source of information that embodies this capacity. We are sensitive to the common association that spirituality has with religion, and are dedicated to the process of changing the way the world defines and experiences it. To this endeavor we have created our slogan, 'Bringing Spirituality into Reality'. We believe that spirituality is the reality of truth, not a religious doctrine created from subjective interpretation. In this we hope to attract those seekers who would otherwise not be drawn to a spiritual organization for their answers.

We know that discomfort, confusion, cruelty, and self-deprivation stem from a lack of understanding within the human personality, not an innate scarcity within the spirit. Therefore, we feel the pathway to illumination and evolution is through the education of what is real and not real on Earth. Because we understand the necessity of being able to apply our knowledge of truth to our everyday lives, we include a strong practical component within our educational curriculum.

Our wish is that you find greater comfort in your life through our information, whether it originates from one sentence on these pages or years of study within our program. Freedom through understanding is your birthright. It is yours for the choosing. Know that the greatest choice you will ever make is to know and love the real self. The expression of that knowing in this world is what will create a foundation for all to know themselves as the source of Love. Thank you for visiting us. Thank you for every time you have chosen your heart.


The purpose of the Choose the Heart organization is to offer peace, comfort, and understanding to all beings through the remembrance of what is real. We are dedicated to teaching and implementing a unique ethereal plan on earth, the goal of which is to illuminate the truth through a new form of understanding and thereby advance the evolution of human consciousness.

Divine truth is not subjective or human. It has been on Earth since its conception, taking different forms that reflect the culture, consciousness, and readiness of its time. There is no such thing as 'new truth' for truth never changes, only the form it comes in. In 2003, Adrianna and I were given a unique and powerful new form through which truth could be understood and applied. It is called The Heart and the Mind. We believe it holds extraordinary potential due to its simplicity, practicality, and profundity. It marries together information regarding the creation of Earth, reincarnation, evolution, and the meaning of life, with practical tools for navigating your way through a fear based reality with peace and understanding. We at Choose the Heart are excited to offer you the gift that was given to us, so that you might create the life you deserve.

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